The banking and financial industry in Luxembourg is constantly evolving. From the great regulatory upheaval that imposes more transparency, to the implementation of ESG standards, the distribution and administration model of financial players requires adaptation and evolutionary change. This transformation impacts the entire organization and particularly the core banking business, risk and financial performance management.

FINEGAN ADVISORY’s teams address the business managers and general management who are carrying out the transformation at the heart of their organization. They provide analysis of regulatory standards, program management, business and IT stakeholder management.

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The Management Consulting team supports you across the entire value chain of your organization, particularly when regulatory triggers impose an evolution of operational or business models.

From the analysis of the regulation by anticipation, to the search for concrete and pragmatic organizational solutions, our teams can deploy program management, business analysis and coordination to maintain a strong project dynamic.

Our presence in the Luxembourg landscape allows us to know the key players in the ecosystem and to respond directly to the pain points encountered by the market.


  • Co-construct, define and support your programs and projects (strategy, roadmap, target operating model, regulatory, digitalization);
  • Define your target organization (review of your existing organization, definition and implementation of your target organization);
  • Facilitate and support during the change management (analysis of business impacts, animation of collective sessions, definition of a communication kit) 
  • Co-construct, define and implement the ESG DNA (ESG strategy, roadmap, regulatory impacts, associated reports, labeling, tools and data providers)





Our CFO Advisory team is dedicated to supporting you in your finance transformation projects.
We intervene on all your accounting, purchasing and management control processes to bring you business expertise, improve the efficiency of your processes and implement new tools.

Our objective is to improve the quality of accounting information and to accelerate its production in order to enable you to manage your business as closely as possible and to make your finance department a support to your strategic decisions.


  • Develop operational excellence within your organization (Lean Six Sigma, process simplification, target process definition).
  • Bringing in experts from the finance function (accounting, internal control, management control).
  • Supporting the finance function in its projects (cost optimization and allocations, revenue growth, department transformation).
  • Digitalization and implementation of tools (tool selection, paperless strategy, ERP, P2P, RPA).




Our Risk Advisory team assists you with issues related to credit risk or operational risk. We intervene mainly on the deployment of regulatory projects in the banking sector (Basel 4, EBA guidelines, CSSF circulars) or on operational support (risk mapping review, first and second level controls, model backtesting).

We enrich our knowledge of the regulations thanks to a permanent monitoring. Sharing and transmission of knowledge within the team and the firm is essential given the scope and complexity of the regulations. Our operational understanding of the clients’ problems allows us to guarantee our clients a quality service.

Our objective is to provide you with a team dedicated to your needs that quickly understands the issues at stake regarding your business, the support teams and the complexity of IT systems.


Supporting on the normative aspects related to the Basel texts or the EBA guidelines on new definition of default, on loan origination and monitoring, on credit risk mitigation and on forborne – NPL exposures.

  • Reduce and monitor risks (Risk Appetite, Risk Report, Early Warning Indicators – EWI).
  • Integrate data quality aspects with adaptation of IT systems.
  • Analyze and review the risk mapping.
  • Implement the Business Continuity Plan (BCP).
  • Analyze, monitor and update first level or second level controls.
  • Perform operational support (writing procedures, reporting, model backtesting, etc.).


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